lunedì 4 marzo 2013

The long and winding road (AKA Installing a Windows 2008 R2 SQL Cluster) - Part 5

Installing the second node in the SQL cluster  

now on to the second node. Mount sql installation disc, run setup and this time choose add node to a sql server failover cluster
the installation process is much simpler, you will have to choose to which cluster add this node, you should be ok with default values here

next, you will need to specify with which users to run sql services, even here you should be ok with default values, you will need just to type the password of the accounts you chose earlier

that's it, after clicking next a couple of times, installation will start

and you are done. Now if you open the Failover Cluster Manager tool and connect to this cluster, you will see your clustered SQL server and you can start installing your db.

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